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Total Swab

Keep your employees confident that you are keeping them safe!

AFFORDABLE Weekly Testing: Easy self swab kits.



$350/Week up to 25 people

$1200/Month up to 25 people.

Custom plans available!

SELF- SWAB: Send us your samples all in one tube. We provide shipping materials to send to our lab.

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Nationwide pooled testing for safer work places

Film, TV & Broadcast Production • Offices • Food & Beverage Industry • Entertainment Venues • Schools • Hotels & Hospitality • Sports Teams • Commercial Properties • Restaurants • Retail • Churches

  • Simple sample collection

  • Lower Costs

  • 95% sensitivity rate

  • Quick turnaround on testing results

  • Onsite testing expedites the process, we come to you!

  • Exceptional quality testing standards

Total Swab

How does pooled testing work? 

Pooled Testing is done by testing groups of individuals in pools of 4-25 people 

The entire pool tests NEGATIVE, this pool is cleared, and this group is considered safe for public interaction. Surveillance testing should be conducted at least one time per month to ensure continued safety as employees/staff interact with family members and the public. Total Swab can help you determine your ongoing needs for monitoring.

A POSITIVE result(s) is detected in the pooled test (infection present), We will then send results to the employer/ordering facility notifying the team of the Positive pool.  This Pool will be separated and then run a second test.  These second tests are done immediately after the Positive results are established with the collection that was taken at the first testing. Results will indicate which individual patients test negative (safe to return-to-work), and which test positive, who should then quarantine and retest prior to returning-to-work. Surveillance testing should continue for the entire group.

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